Investment Committee



Independent Member: Investment Committee

The RSPCA’s Investment Committee is responsible for scrutinising the performance of the charity’s investments. We ensure that the RSPCA appoints appropriate advisors to invest its assets in a way which achieves the best balance between risk and return, and that assets are invested in line with our financial and charitable objectives. The Committee also monitors and evaluates the return on investments.

You will support the Committee and our CEO in setting the RSPCA’s strategic invstement direction, and will provide nuanced advice and guidance on investment decisions and managing the charity’s £60m funds. As a member of the Investment Committee, you will also make an important contribution to the formulation of our investment and ESG policy in a way which is aligned to the aims and objectives of the Society.

Candidates will be highly experienced investment professionals, with a strong track record in either fund management or investment advice. You will have held a strategic leadership role in a long-term institutional investment context, and have the knowledge and confidence to provide sound advice to the Committee. Moreover, you’ll actively engage with (and constructively challenge) our appointed investment advisors. A strong source of authority on a range of relevant matters, including ethical investments, you will materially enhance our ability to scrutinise investment performance and enrich the Committee’s discussions on investment strategy and management.

Examples of roles that candidates will currently hold (or have recently held) include CIO, fund manager, or investment strategist); you may also have recent experience as a non-executive or trustee with direct investment oversight responsibility. A strong personal commitment to the RSPCA’s aims, objectives and values, genuine empathy with and compassion for animals, and the ability to work in a way that demonstrates this and communicates this enthusiasm to other are all non-negotiable.



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