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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has been here for animals since 1824. We're the world's oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with the primary focus of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming or releasing animals across England and Wales.

We are a unique and highly complex operational charity, helping the most abused and vulnerable animals, and working at the extreme end of suffering, neglect and abuse. We undertake some of the most difficult and controversial work in animal welfare, but we believe that it is vital that someone stands up to be counted.

We are the only animal welfare charity which provides a uniformed Inspectorate to investigate and rescue all species of animals in England and Wales. We offer a full range of animal welfare services: our Inspectorate rescue and investigation service; our prosecution service, enforcing the UK’s animal protection legislation, which would otherwise not be enforced; and we investigate organised animal welfare crime via our Special Operations Unit.

Our national network of rehoming centres, wildlife rehabilitators and animal hospitals is funded by donations to the national RSPCA. The animal rehoming centres (including those inside Pets at Home stores) and wildlife centres primarily take in animals brought to them via our animal rescuers. When resources allow, they'll also take in animals from the public. An expert team of clinical animal behaviourists provides expert support to help our animals find forever homes.

Our dedicated national inspectorate operates in the field, and is responsible for rescuing animals; investigating cruelty and organised animal crime; and issuing advice and guidance for animal welfare improvements. We also have around 149 local branches, which play an incredible role in helping animals. These are separately-registered charities working under guidelines set by the national RSPCA, and are primarily funded by local donors. We operate three animal hospitals and clinics, which both support the national RSPCA animal rescuers with sick and injured animals, and also offer subsidised vet treatment to those on low incomes who meet our eligibility criteria.

Our central team provides the essential foundations we need to run effectively and deliver our mission, such as finance, HR, IT and systems, science, fundraising and communications. From here, we campaign to change animal welfare laws; make a difference internationally; engage at an industry level to effect change for animals in laboratories; improve farm animal welfare; educate young people and adults about the needs of animals; and provide up-to-date, scientifically-backed advice and information about the needs of animals.

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